Appraisal Stage & Securing Listings

•The ‘comprehensive value estimate’ is an invaluable tool that allows the real estate agent to present the seller with an objective appraisal of their property.
•Once the agent, together with the seller, enters the specific features of the property into our questionnaire, the algorithm combines this information with the up-to-date statistical data to generate the ‘comprehensive value estimate’. This is akin to having an objective valuator at the appraisal, and sets the agent apart from other agents who don’t offer this service.
•It provides more transparency for the seller, regarding how the agent arrived at a recommended asking price – this will assist in establishing a good rapport between seller and agent, and contribute positively towards securing the listing.  It also gives confidence to the agent and the seller that they are entering the market with a reasonable asking price that is ‘value for money’.

Selling Process

•Moving forward; the initial process of completing our property questionnaire equips agents, with detailed knowledge of the property’s features and inclusions which, can be made available to prospective buyers.
•By virtue of being listed on, buyers immediately know that the property has been independently assessed as being ‘value for money’. This will help significantly in aligning the buyer’s and seller’s expectations regarding price, and ultimately contribute to a faster sale process for agents.

Other Benefits

•Increasingly, as digital technology is widely embraced and given the ever increasing costs of living, people are looking at ways to save money, and removing the middle man is an effective means to achieve this.  In many industries there is a move toward user-directed services.  Taxi services have lost a significant proportion of the market to ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  Similarly travel agents to services such as Trivago and Webjet, and second hand car salespeople to Carsales and Gumtree. has been designed to give real estate agents an invaluable tool to help them stay one step ahead of this trend.
•The transparency that the real estate agent can offer both Buyers and Sellers, through the website, will reflect on them and their industry in a more positive light.
•In the event of an agent covering the cost of advertising, listing on costs significantly less than other portals – leaving more for commission.