About Value for Money Real Estate.

The founder of value for money real estate has had experience buying and selling real estate over the last 40 years. Through different real estate agents and agencies - private and franchisee, some more easy to deal with than others – there have been some common issues and frustrations. We have listed a couple of experiences from both a buyer and seller perspective.
As a property buyer:

As a property seller:

Value for money real estate has been formed from an idea to make the process more transparent and eliminate some of the frustrations and difficulties of buying or selling a property. The idea is to make the process of searching, browsing, buying, and selling an easier and more straight forward and transparent.
Value for money real estate have developed the VFMRE algorithm. This algorithm takes into consideration the real features and inclusions of a property, these are then considered individually. The result is an estimation allowing for all the large and small details that come together to make up the whole property. This algorithm forms the core backbone of the VFMRE website & the VFMRE Mobile App.
The website primarily handles property listings and browsing. The site has a strict policy that all listed properties must have a listed sale price and be considered by the algorithm to be ‘value for money’ before listing.
Meanwhile, the application is primarily designed to be an estimation tool. Utilizing the algorithm in such a way to calculate the estimated sale price of a property. To determine if the listed price is ‘value for money’ compared to the estimated sale price.